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Developing Innovative Strategies


Chmltech Solutions is Canada's Leading Operational Excellence Consulting Firm. Our proven solutions offer enterprise experience with the care and attention only Chmltech can offer. We work in every sector to cross-pollinate the most effective methods to make our clients' work better, faster and easier. 


We know that improving your business’ performance takes more than just a boardroom conversation. With our proven improvement framework, we take a hands-on approach. Together with your team, we drive the execution of the plan to achieve measurable results. Our mission is to instill a culture of continuous improvement that optimizes business performance, paying dividends long after our team has left.

We transform your vision or challenge into an actionable plan and provide dedicated leadership to drive it through completion. Our proven framework unlocks ideas for improvement from within teams to put them into action immediately.  We work with your teams to foster cross-functional collaboration, manage stakeholder relationships, and implement the processes and tools needed to realize your organization's potential. Our team takes aim at the root causes of inefficiencies, implementing changes that optimize entire organizations to make the most of people’s precious time, talent and efforts.

Out passion for solving problems and ensuring sustainability of results through project leadership extends across multiple industries. We improve processes and have led strategic initiatives for clients across a wide range of industries. 

When you’re ready,  we’re here to help your organization get to the next level.


Overcome a business challenge or hit your next growth milestone by working with our consultants. Our advisory consultants have industry and sector experience that focuses on a structured, business-driven approach that integrates proven methodologies and best practices that deliver practical, tangible results. 


Efficient operations are a must in today's competitive market and digital technology landscape. Our business consultants will take you through a structured approach that helps you fix your most pressing operational issues, boost your bottom line and set the stage for continuous improvement. 


As your business expands, it increases in complexity and can become harder to manage. Our executive coaches can help you apply effective executive management methods that will empower your workforce, simplify decision-making, and facilitate performance measurement. 

Keyboard and Mouse


1   Identification

1 - 2 Week Assessment and Analysis of your current operations. We will assess current capacity and the potential for improvement.


We partner with managers and employees to identify key blockers to value creation, and co-design solutions that consistently deliver to customer expectations. 

2   Hands-On

7 weeks deep dive assessment of your current processes, work practices, and management systems to uncover the highest value improvements. 

We promote a hands-on approach based on tested and proven practices, while adapting to the needs and requirements of our clients' organizations.

3   Transformation

4 - 8 weeks where we prepare the organization for change by engaging employees in the identification of improvements required. 

Asking the right questions, we support the design and implementation of effective and pragmatic solutions, while drafting the support of everyone impacted. 

4   Implementation

4 - 8 weeks we provide on the floor support to install change and coach your team to fuel a culture of continuous improvement. 

We support the business teams during the implementation of the selected solutions to ensure timely delivery and benefits materialization

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“Chmltech helped us make impressive gains in productivity, increase our production capacity, reduce overtime and improve employee engagement.”


Dora Bridges

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