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Distribution & Warehousing


Meet ever-increasing demand with innovative management practices

We collaborate with your team to understand what's getting in the way of performance and profitability, with the goal of improving inventory turns, accuracy, and cash flow. Our hands-on approach places us in the thick of your organization to get to know your employees and their environment. It's while immersed in this experience that we can leverage innovative management practices for continuous improvement. 


We help distributors meet ever-increasing customer demands while introducing best in class inventory management practices. Leveraging best in class inventory management practices we work collaboratively with your team to improve inventory turns and accuracy leading to increased turns and improved cashflow. 

We are masters at identifying lost time o understand what's getting in the way of performance and profitability. Taking a hands-on approach, we get to know your team and observe their working environment as it happens. Together with your team we engineer and instill a culture of continuous improvement. 


Chmltech’s methodology goes beyond processes to examine products and people including staff performance, management behavior and use of technology that are critical to your business operations. We do not simply leave clients with a report of recommendations.  Rather, we employ an approach that engages your people through every step of the transformational journey.

Chmltech brings an experienced team with deep industry knowledge and a powerful Methodology to every initiative.  Below are some of our key activities you can expect during the project:

Defining Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) – we will create a framework to identify the Key Metrics including Service Levels, Productivity, Speed and Quality for Key Processes. These measures can be used to determine the current level of performance as well as measure the success of the implementation.

Ownership of change – Our approach ensures that your people are the key drivers of the change and that they will continue to maintain ownership over their processes as they collectively optimize operations.

Review of Current Practices and Tools – Chmltech will conduct a thorough as-is analysis from which we can then design sustainable solutions. This includes mapping key processes, gathering and analyzing financial/operating data, conducting direct observations and mapping out management tools.

Assessing Impact of Non-Value-Added Activities – Chmltech will perform process observations to uncover the customer value-added and non-value-added activities.  These observations will highlight manufacturing capacity.

Change Management Strategy – Chmltech will conduct an initial assessment of the organization to identify the change readiness.  We will then be able to provide a comprehensive plan to address change management needs for the project.

Identification of Quick Wins – Chmltech will identify and assist with the implementation of simple process improvement that do not require systems implementation.

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