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Respond to threats and opportunities with agility. We transform your operating structure so you can nimbly make bold moves. 

We use proven approach - we work directly with your team to view your processes, and then extract the value-added activities in real-time. We give you results you can grow with, establishing and implementing key performance metrics to track the effectiveness of your transformation. 

We empower our clients by training them in continuous improvement methods which pay dividends long after our consultants have left. 



Powerful Lean Methodology

Our proven lean process improvement will deliver real and sustained results in 15 - 25 weeks. We embed ourselves in your organization to look beyond process - examining products, accountability structures, staff performance, and use of technology that are critical to your operations. In doing so we customize our improvement tool kit for your organization to go beyond one time improvements. 

We know that the hardest part is implementation, so we stay with you through this process. We coach your Managers to use developed management tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve day to day operations and implement the process changes in their areas.

Employee Engagement

Your team are mentored every step of the way through interviews, process mapping, observing processes, and developing ideas for improvement. This engaging approach moves the organization through change management cycle and ensures that the process improvement stick. We provide the necessary kickstart to your Lean Journey.

Why Chmltech

We provide you results you can grow with. Chmltech is Canada's leading Operations Improvement Firm. We train your team to deliver a culture of continuous improvement that pays dividends long after the project is complete. The results are measurable on your financial statements with a 3:1 ROI - guaranteed.


Chmltech’s methodology goes beyond processes to examine products and people including staff performance, management behavior and use of technology that are critical to your business operations. We do not simply leave clients with a report of recommendations.  Rather, we employ an approach that engages your people through every step of the transformational journey.

Chmltech brings an experienced team with deep industry knowledge and a powerful Methodology to every initiative.  Below are some of our key activities you can expect during the project:

Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) – We will create a framework to identify the Key Metrics including Service Levels, Productivity, Speed and Quality for Key Processes. These measures can be used to determine the current level of performance as well as measure the success of the implementation.

Mapping of Key Processes using industry best-practice Business Process Mapping Notation (BPMN 2.0) - We create process maps to set the baseline for process flow analysis. We interview managers and key employees to draft process maps, including information flows, roles, and system touch points.

Review of Current Practices and Tools – Chmltech will conduct a thorough as-is analysis from which we can then design sustainable solutions. This includes mapping key processes, gathering and analyzing financial/operating data, conducting direct observations and mapping out management tools.

Quantification of Value-Added and Non-Value-Added Activities – Chmltech will perform process observations to uncover the customer value-added and non-value-added activities.  These observations will highlight manufacturing capacity.

Team Lead Roles and Responsibility Assessment – We spend time with team leads to understand their responsibilities, identifying ways to increase active management time.

Management Tools – We create and install management tools to measure and identify the Key Performance Indicators.

Implemented Method Changes – Chmltech identifies and assists with the implementation of Quick Wins and longer term recommendations to streamline processes so that they are designed to be scalable, cost-effective and quality oriented. 


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